Welcome to Our Nursery!


Here at Bethel Baptist Church we are committed to providing a safe and caring environment through trained caregivers and a security system that ensures your child’s safety. Please take the time to read the following guidelines that we have prepared for you. Your understanding and cooperation are deeply appreciated. We look forward to serving the needs of your family.

General policies

The nursery opens 10 minutes prior to services and other scheduled events.

  • Please pick up your children as soon as the service concludes. Many of our nursery workers also have young children they must pick up.

  • Essentials bags (diapers, clothing, etc.) need to be clearly labeled with the name of the parent or child. All of the items in the bag should also be clearly labeled with the name or initials of your child. If you have any special items that your child may need, please point them out to the nursery staff.

  • Children should not bring personal toys to the nursery.

Nursery Staffing

  • We will always have a minimum of two nursery workers on duty.

  • We run background checks on all nursery workers.

  • Members (mothers) who regularly use the nursery are strongly encouraged to sign-up to volunteer in the nursery at least once a month.

Safety Assurance Policy & Registration

  • Children are to be brought to the nursery by their parent(s) and will only be released to their parent(s) unless otherwise permitted by the parents in writing. Please use the binder on the counter to sign your child in and out. If this is your first visit, please fill out a registration card. Please use the "Special Instructions" space to write anything you feel the caregiver should know about your child during his/her stay at the nursery.

  • If you provide your cell phone number, we can text you if your child needs you.

  • Additionally, we ask that parents not open the nursery door when picking up your child; rather, allow the nursery attendant to open the door for you. This will ensure that the other children remain in the nursery, rather than escaping without the knowledge of the nursery workers.

  • Please do not allow children above nursery age to enter the nursery rooms at any time. If you see older children in the nursery at any time, please ask them to leave or notify appropriate staff. Older children do not always understand the care and maintenance of a room for small children and infants. They can leave small objects that could be choking hazards, unplug safety devices, etc.

Food Policies

  • Infants will be fed bottles as provided by the parent. All bottles should be pre-mixed and poured by the parent. Please label each bottle with your child’s name.

  • We will be happy to feed your child the food you provide. Please include bibs, spoons, straw or other necessary items in his/her bag. Food for toddlers must be cut into bite size pieces.

  • Please do not bring any nuts for your child, due to potential allergies of other children. Nuts will not be served in the nursery for the safety of children with allergies.

  • Toddlers will be served a snack of water and crackers when appropriate. If your child is allergic to anything, or does not tolerate a certain food (such as animal crackers), please make a note of allergies/special needs on your registration card and sign-in binder.

  • Mothers who are nursing may do so in the nursery. We also have an additional private nursing room which we can direct you to, if you desire.

Health Policies

  • For the health and safety of all children, nursery staff, and the peace of mind of our children’s parents, children that have had the following symptoms within the last 24 hours will not be accepted: Fever; Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea; Significant, persistent nasal drainage which is green or yellow in color. Any symptom of a childhood disease, such as scarlet fever, German measles, mumps or chicken pox, any unexplained rash; any skin infection, Lice, Pink eye or other eye infection.

  • If your child becomes ill or injured while in the nursery, he/ she will be separate from other children and the parents will be contacted as soon as possible.

  • If your child has a physical condition which may require specialized intervention or precaution, please contact the nursery coordinator to discuss special arrangements.

  • Our nursery staff is not adequately trained to dispense any type of medication. If your child requires medication, please come to the nursery at the appropriate time to administer it.

  • If your child develops an infectious disease (chicken pox, etc.) after he/she has been in the nursery, please contact the nursery coordinator so we may notify other parents of their child’s exposure.

  • Toys used by the children are disinfected regularly.

  • For parents with nursery-aged children, Classroom A is designated as a place to watch the Sunday and Wednesday services as you care for your child who is showing signs of sickness. There is a baby changing station in the single occupancy restroom directly across the hall for your convenience.

(These procedures do not include children protection policies. To view these policies please ask for the Children’s Ministry Manual)